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Mounting & Framig

The gallery offers an economical mounting & framing service.

Window mounts
Up to A1 size.
Natural white, unbleached, acid free card.
Up to  A3  30x42 cm  £10.00
Up to  A2  42x60 cm  £18.00
Up to  A1  60x84 cm  £25.00
Bespoke Frames

Plain square ash moulding, ideal for photographs.

Stained & polished to suit.

15mm wide moulding:                 25mm wide

Up to A4   £45.00                              £55.00 
Up to A3   £55.00                              £65.00
Up to A2   £70.00                              £80.00
Up to A1   £85.00                            £100.00