an introduction to various ingredients and what they do.

Washing up liquid.

The main ingredient, a surfactant.


In the UK 'Fairy Liquid Green Original'

is my first choice. In other countries it

would probably be best to start off with

the best quality available.

Choose the version with the least added

ingredients such as fragrance or

bactericides etc.


Adding more detergent thins the wall of

the bubble, reducing the amount thickens

the wall. This will effect the longevity of the

bubble and the colours produced.

Thinner= weaker but more colourful.



Although some people prefer distilled

water, plain tap water is probably the best

place to start.

A conditioner like baking powder will lower

ph and often improve bubble performance

in soft water areas.



Often cited in recipes, I have never used it.




The ingredient that turns a soap solution

into something magical.

Using a polymer helps bubbles become

stronger, more resilient and flexible.

Blowing bubbles in bubbles becomes easy.

They come in a variety of familiar forms,

from food additives to personal lubricants:


Guar gum.

Powdered guar bean is a natural polymer.

Used as a food thickener, it is readily

available from supermarkets or on-line.

Ideal for first explorations into giant bubble




Polyethylene oxide, powerful & used in tiny


It can be obtained online as J-Lube, a

veterinary lubricant. It deteriorates so

needs to be stored in a freezer.




Available in reasonably small quantities

on-line as Natrosol.



Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

The active ingredient in surgilube personal

lubricant. Rather expensive, difficult to

obtain in any other form.

See here for one persons impressive

experiments with this polymer.

Baking powder.

Used to reduce the alkalinity of tap water.

In a hard water area it can markedly

improve performance.

If you feel your bubbles are below par and

don't use it, try it.

Note: baking powder contains insoluble

corn starch which will form a noticeable

sediment. Ignore it.

To work with these ingredients an inexpensive micro balance available from ebay is almost essential.

Purchase:  my preferred mix is  available from

the Takeaway gallery as  'Stupendous Bubble Powder'.

Mix with 200gms of detergent and add water.

Each sachet is sufficient to make 4 liters of juice.

£5.00 per sachet.