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Monday portrait

Reading musician Colm Daly this morning.

Wonderful copying project last week!

The first of 40 pages of butterflies in a unique, hand-bound book. All collected and painted in Burma in 1926 by Col G P Drummond.

Ita on Monday

Peter on Monday



Relaxed but formal style suitable for Linked-in, Websites, Office, CV etc
Onto paper, canvas or hand-made paper
Your photos can be adjusted & improved
Oils - Watercolours - Slides - Negatives - Old photos
Bespoke frames - stained & polished to suit
delicate, beautiful, transient and a lot of fun.
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A simple and very versatile printing process
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Ross Hale,     Takeaway Gallery,   18 Harris Arcade,   Reading   UK.    0118 950 2742